Authenticity is Beautiful!!!!

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Authenticity is Beautiful!!!!

At the end of another busy week, I sit here and reflect on the beautiful souls that I had the privilege of holding space for this week.  I feel so blessed and honored that they have chosen me to walk with them on this part of their journey of growth.  A hearty thanks you to each of you….

During this reflection I notice a theme emerging and I feel a leading to open it up to this wider audience in the hopes to empower and inspire.


Over and again this week I have listened as magnificent individuals share their fears that if they revealed who they truly are inside… what they think, how they feel, where they hurt, what they are afraid of… those they love may no longer love them.  Inside I feel both saddened and perplexed because I see their bright and loving spirit, their creativity, their uniqueness, their fresh perspective, their loyalty, their deep desire to BE SEEN and ACCEPTED in all that they are, their NEED to be LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY.  I say a prayer that somehow, I can help them begin to see themselves more from this perspective and less through the harsh and critical measuring stick by which they currently measure themselves.

… if we are all looking for and longing for this, why do so many of us put on the mask? Why do we pretend that we are okay, pretend to be what we think the other person wants?  Why do we spend so much time trying to be the “perfect” person, the “best”, the “one”? And so often at the expense of our own inner truth?

Perhaps we can keep this up for a bit but eventually this façade fades and shortly thereafter our relationships fall apart, our jobs exhaust us leaving us unfulfilled, and we become anxious, depressed and dejected.

I wonder though… WHAT IF we took the energy that we spend trying to be someone we think we “should” be and instead really DISCOVER who we are and what we need, if we were more authentic first with ourselves, next with our people, and then ultimately with the world at large …. what would it be like?  Is it possible that we would begin to treasure who we are inside? and then as we do our light shines out bright and attracts others to us that enjoy, celebrate, and treasure who we really are in all of our messiness, our emotions, our quirkiness, our intensity, our love, our devotion and our beautiful uniqueness… Is it possible to live the same reality on the outside as we do on the inside?  Is it possible to accept ourselves and then others exactly where we (they) are at this time and space with grace, mercy, and unconditional love???? Accepting and knowing that we are all on our own journey and process of growth?


Grace to you my beloved,


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