Maple Grove Counseling, PLLC

Therapy for kids, teens, and families in St. Lawrence County and throughout the greater New York area.

Are you having some tough times with your kiddo? Feeling defeated? Exhausted? It’s OK. There is HOPE.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified Child & Adolescent Trauma Professional, and loving mom & gramma, my purpose with MGC is to help families heal from the tough stuff and gravitate toward the good stuff.

What You’re Going Through Is Unique, But You Aren’t Alone.

Potty-mouthed, fist-throwing littles. Cave-dwelling, fire-breathing teens. At first it feels like just a phase, an ordinary growing pain to troubleshoot with a light-hearted Parenting 101 Playbook. But as the incidents progress in frequency and intensity, you start to worry that a new normal is creeping in. This isn’t just a few bad days or difficult weeks or something to grow out of. You know your child. Something is really off.

At home, light-hearted conversation is met with contempt. No matter how gently or authoritatively you respond, insults are being hurled harder and more aggressively. There is no apparent rhyme or reason for this behavior, just an uncharacteristic meanness and unchecked anger that you don’t recognize where silly laughter or a gap-toothed smile once beamed. You have sought counsel and advice from family and friends, but they don’t have answers either. Worse still, the tantrums and arguments you struggle to navigate at home have given way to blowups at school and in public. Teachers and mentors are concerned. Other parents have complained. Friends, peers, and even strangers are shying away from your kid. Your child’s grades and social life are in a downward spiral.

It’s breaking your heart but you don’t know how to fix it.

You have tried to talk it out. To laugh it off. To set boundaries. To enforce the rules. To incentivize good or just better behavior. Every effort to no avail. Despite all of this, you continue to shower your child with unconditional love and attention and yet, you are still the enemy. As you desperately exhaust your resources and patience without finding answers, improvements, or reassurance, an inkling of failure sets in. You feel defeated. Deep down, you worry that maybe this is something beyond your control as a parent. You’re unwilling to give up, but you’re left wondering if there is something going on that is bigger than you or your kiddo.

I have the resources to help you figure that out.

Maple Grove Counseling, PLLC provides a kid-friendly and kid-oriented environment where your child or teen can safely and comfortably explore the underlying feelings and emotions that are potentially causing unhealthy behaviors. No stuffy couch sessions or weird Q&A exercises. I will engage your child in a natural and instinctive way with play therapy, art therapy, open conversation and a variety of modalities in between. I will work with your child’s innate interests and personal strengths in a therapeutic setting to encourage your kiddo to intuitively identify and address the things that are bothering them.

I can also offer you, the parent or guardian, the resources and support you need to join your child on this journey of discovery and healing. This might include some counseling sessions of your own or perhaps participating in some sessions with your child. You might even find unexpected insight and progress through group therapy for parents and families working through similar situations.

While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for success, I have the experience and the tools necessary to help you uncover the path back to the magnificent and awesome kiddo you know and miss.

If you’re ready to help your child rediscover the best version of themselves so that your family can resume rivalrous game nights and meaningful heart-to-hearts, this is the place to start.