Counseling for kids, families, and women in the North Country.

My Purpose

For me, it’s all about healing, support, safety, and walking with you as you face and overcome your obstacles. To witness the transformations from hurting kiddos and/or misunderstood teens I first meet back to the blossoming and loving young ones they truly are is both inspiring and rewarding. This inspiration and hope is my purpose. To see hurting families heal and rediscover the joy of togetherness is a true gift. This gift is my purpose. To witness women and members of the LGBTQ+ community navigate life’s unique challenges is something inexplicably empowering. This strength is my purpose.

A Little Bit About Me

Private Practitioner & Proud Grandma

On top of being a dedicated and qualified professional in the field, I am a wife, mother, and very proud grandma who is wholeheartedly invested in helping distressed and hurting families heal and come together to form more complete and meaningful connections that ultimately make the world a more loving and beautiful place for all. It is with this inspiration and motivation at heart that I continue to nurture and grow my private practice and to strengthen my connection to the families in surrounding communities each and every day.

My North Country Network

Locally Connected and Invested

My north country roots have been sewn and grown since 1995 when I first became a Potsdam Bear while successfully pursuing my B.A. in psychology. Over the years, my personal life in Gouverneur has been shaped by my love of family and friends and my deep connection to the region where I have built my home, grown my family, and raised my children. I have also built a reputable career. Through my professional endeavors, I have become deeply embedded in the mental health and social services sectors where I have established a wide and trusted network of colleagues and supportive resources. My extensive knowledge of the local systems and state departments along with my many and varied connections throughout the community and region ensures that I’m wholly equipped to provide the best level of care to all who seek me out, even if that means being a resource or advocate.

All About Maple Grove Counseling, PLLC

Helping Kids, Families, and Women in Northern New York

With more than 17 years of experience working with children and families in northern New York in clinical and systemic settings, my decision to move into private practice came as naturally as a sunrise. Though my experience working in outpatient clinics, hospitals, and within government departments has been invaluable, my heart is truly in this for the kids, and private practice is where I am able to make my greatest contribution.

With the establishment of Maple Grove Counseling, PLLC in 2020, I have created a space where I can now work more completely and freely with families in need, providing a breadth and depth of services at my expert discretion.

Therapeutic Services

As a private practitioner based in Gouverneur, I offer a range of therapeutic services and modalities to meet the many and complex needs of children and families as well as adults who may have suffered childhood trauma. From play therapy and art therapy, to individual, family, and group counseling sessions, to advocacy services throughout the region, Maple Grove Counseling, PLLC offers an intimate setting and personalized approach for healing, growth, and the restoration of mental, emotional, and relational wellness among children and families.

Professional Qualifications

My Credentials:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Certified Trauma Professional
Certified Child & Adolescent Trauma Professional

My Education:

Fordham University
Master of Social Work, Clinical Concentration

State University of NY at Potsdam
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major

A Personal Note

from Me to You:

“Pain is painful” and “only through relationships can growth happen”… these are two foundational beliefs about the work of therapy that I hold dear. Helping young ones confront their abuse or understand their caretaker’s drug abuse cycle, for example, can be hard but I consider it a privilege and honor to walk with them through it. Being able to witness their growth and transformation over time, seeing tears fade and laughter resume, hearing bitter words replaced with loving kindness, or seeing fear overcome by confidence is the most rewarding experience a clinician could have. I was created to do this work, and all of the vast life experiences that I have had prepared me and grounded me in humility and love. I love my work and I love the kiddos and families who place their hope and trust in me and the process.

You are STRONGER than you know, BRAVER than you believe, and SMARTER than you think you are.